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Pre-PT / SPT Services

Let me help you succeed as a Student Physical Therapist!

Therapy Session

Mock Interview for DPT Application

Submitted your DPT applications and are now waiting to hear back for interviews?

I'm here to help!

Schedule a mock session with me to practice your interview skills, and received individualized suggestions on how to improve and sharpen your interview day impressions!

School Application

Assistance with DPT Application - Virtual Meeting

Are you lost at where and how to start your applications?

Are you wondering when and how to schedule writing each essay?

Are you wondering how to study for the GRE or what activities to participate in to strengthen your DPT application?

Wherever you are in the process, schedule a time to chat about how we can improve your DPT application!

Modern Work Desk

SPT Study Tips - Virtual Meeting

Schedule a 1-1 call with me to chat about how you can succeed as an SPT!

Whether you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year student, I am here to help YOU find the study method that will help you succeed, and explore with you how I found my way through PT school!

Group Calls

Personalized NPTE Study Schedule + 1:1 Coaching Calls

Specially curated individualized NPTE study schedules to help you guys study in ways that accommodates your schedules and study habits.

Bundle offer addition: 1:1 weekly (or biweekly) coaching calls to help keep you accountable throughout the study process and identify ways to adjust your study methods to improve your practice exam scores.

Image by Raul Varzar

Growth Mindset to Conquer the NPTE

Are you feeling overwhelmed and letting stressed thoughts occupy your studying brain?

If yes... you are NOT alone! I've been right there in your position! Check out this pamphlet I put together to help change your mindset with studying!


Acute Care Initial Evaluation Template

coming soon

Physical therapy on leg

Outpatient Initial Evaluation Template

coming soon

Image by Jon Tyson

Basic Spanish to Use in the Acute Care Setting

coming soon

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