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Dr. Winnie Yu, PT, DPT, CPT


Dr. Winnie Yu is a Physical Therapist and Certified Sports Performance Specialist and Personal Trainer located in NYC. She received her Doctorate degree from Hunter College and completed her Bachelors degree at Macaulay Honors College in NYC in Psychology and Biological Sciences. During her Undergraduate Experience, she completed her Capstone Thesis on analyzing Anxiety Behaviors within the Biological Neuroscience realm, and continues to pursue her passion in Psychology through an an active interest and role in mental health awareness and advocacy. 

Dr. Yu has gained valuable experience in the Sports & Orthopedic, subacute rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, and acute care settings where she has assisted patients of varying diagnoses through their rehabilitation journey. She has worked with runners, triathletes, dancers, basketball players, post-partum mothers, younger athletes, geriatric population, and your everyday mom and dad undergoing an acute and/or post-surgical injury. Dr. Yu strives to empower patients and community members alike to pursue a healthy, and most importantly, sustainable lifestyle. In her practice, she integrates manual therapy with education, movement training and therapeutic exercises to help her patients achieve a pain-free, independent, and active lifestyle, all the while incorporating EACH individual's goals and barriers in mind. As needed, she utilizes adjunct methods like Graston, gua sha, cupping, kinesiotapping, and principles of meditation, yoga, & Pilates to complement her treatments. Dr. Yu emphasizes a holistic treatment style to help her patients achieve their best movement potentials. She currently practices at Bespoke Treatments NYC.

Dr. Yu participated in competitive Cross Country and Track & Field throughout her educational career and continues to be passionate about running and endurance sports. In her free time, Dr. Yu will spend her time with running, swimming, cycling, kickboxing, weight lifting, & yoga and sees these as opportunities for a meditative release.

Dr. Yu currently is a Certified Provider for Mental Health First Aid USA and American Heart Association Certified Healthcare Provider for First Aid and Basic Life Support. She is also fluent in Cantonese and Spanish.

Dr. Yu is grateful every day of her upbringing in an immigrant household in NYC because it allows her to be able to connect with people of different  cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, education and fitness backgrounds. She has partnered with various medical professionals from around the world to provide educational sessions related to the corresponding fields, including Pelvic Floor, Podiatry, Dental Health, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, and more! Dr. Yu is proud of her contributions to her community during the Covid-19 pandemic, where she created her Instagram page (@dr.winnatlife) to promote health and wellness, where she offered free workout videos and classes to continue movement even from home! She has also created a virtual accountability group, "THRIVE TEAM", to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to create a sustainable lifestyle of movement. She welcomes anyone, regardless of where they are at in their health journeys, join her health and wellness community!

Whether you are looking for a skilled Physical Therapist, Mental Health Supporter, Trainer, academic mentor, or friend to guide you along your health journey, I am here to help! 

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