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❌ Don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that you won’t succeed without good grades ❌

Hard work, good ethics, resilience, patience and goal setting will put you MUCH further in life than just getting good grades.

💡Good grades may not reflect a language barrier

a learning barrier

an extenuating circumstance

a mental barrier.

Grades of course can reflect success in many ways, BUT please do not give up if you don’t get straight A’s.

In my first 2 years of PT school, I got straight As. I stayed at the library 4-5 days a week until 10pm, with running breaks between studying but became OBSESSED with learning every detail. I got the grades but I was UNHAPPY.

I was constantly stressed. Super moody. Losing hair. Breaking out. Not sleeping, and in a terrible mental state. 😣

In my last year of PT school, I flipped that around. I learned to recognize the beauty of CARING for my patients, the value in LISTENING, and the strength of studying and learning, but being comfortable with admitting if I didn’t know, and filling in the gaps as I went.

I stopped beating myself up for not doing PERFECT in school, and slowly but surely, I regained myself and my mental well-being again.💃🏻

Here’s to a beautiful Monday and to saying GRADES DON’T DEFINE US! 🙌🏼 xx Winn

Comment below if you agree! 👇🏼

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