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Finals Week Reminders

For my fellow grad school students, finals season is unfortunately among is. I remember how much I dreaded this part of each semester - if it's feeling crazy, stressful, and overwhelming, I hear you. G

rad school stress is no joke. BUT, take a moment this lovely morning to remind yourselves that you WILL overcome those obstacles. 💥These programs are tough, but you are TOUGHER! 💥

My absolutely most important tip is don’t forget to breathe. I got sucked into feeling like I needed to be studying every. waking. moment. my first two years, and yes the time spent studying paid off in grades but I was miserable. I spent more than 12 hours of each day at school my first year, and spiraled into a whirlwind of anxiety and depression. If there’s anything I would emphasize over and over again, it would be to study hard, but remember to take time for yourself.

✅ Manage your time wisely. Plan ahead, buy a planner, break down your study schedule on your phone’s calendar.

✅ Sleep is important!! We might think that an extra hour of studying over sleep is worth it, and sometimes it is! But if we use this mentality everyday, we’ll eventually burn out. And we don’t want that!

✅We ARE NOT defined by our grades. As strangely as it sounds, the person who gets an A and the person who gets a B-, may end up working the same job! Remember, you can get all A+s, but fail at patient interactions. You can average Bs, but be every patient’s favorite PT. No job interviewer will ask about your DPT GPA, as long as you pass your licensure exam, you’re golden! That being said, study hard! Learn the material to APPLY it to patients, don’t just memorize to regurgitate back on the exam. We are MORE than our grades!

My friends, at the worst moments of stress, please do not give up. I’m here to tell you, YOU. GOT. THIS!!!!!!! 📢

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