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How did I get a clinical in Hawaii?

Travel opportunities during your education can be an overlooked gem. As a PT school applicant, I remember the 1st question I would ask during my interviews is the opportunity to travel out of state during my clinical rotations.

Sometimes, I was met with excitement from the interviewer, explaining the different affiliations they have around the US. Other times, I was met more bluntly, explaining that most of their placements were within the state.

My tips for exploring a different state / city for your affiliation:


Communicate with your clinical coordinator about travel opportunities! They know best for what has been done in the past with other students & they’re the ones you go to for setting up a new contract for an unlinked affiliation.


Go onto your DPT school’s website. Check out their clinical affiliations list. Are there places out of state that may interest you? Are there specific settings out of state you may want to work in? Is there a specific field of PT you want to gain experience with, that isn’t as common in your current state? (For example, we have multiple oncology PT specialists here that I’ve gotten the pleasure to observe)


Is a travel affiliation financially feasible for you? As exciting as it may seem, a travel affil does cost $$. It’s important to plan ahead for expenses like rent, food, transportation, flights etc to make sure you can work while still getting to explore the new temporary home!


IF your school doesn’t have an affiliation in a state of interest, you can always speak to your clinical coordinator & work together to possibly create a new contract with a PT clinic of interest! Contracts may take up to 1 year or more to finalize, so start researching early to make it happen!


Most importantly, when everything is set up & you’re in your new home, have fun! Explore the city (safely & respectfully)! Make new friends, get comfortable with facing the unknown & stay grateful for the opportunity!

Hope these tips help & can inspire some of you to take the less traveled path during PT school.

Love y’all loads! xx Winn

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