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How did I prep for the NPTE to get a 750+ while still having a life? 🤯

Here are some reminders to keep yourself in the right headspace while prepping for this crazy exam!

💡Life happens, don’t let setbacks in studying crush your confidence!

➡️ Even though I originally portioned out 12 weeks to study for the exam, because of multiple issues in my sublets that caused me to move 3x while studying (a literal nightmare), I realistically only studied intensely for 6 weeks! I constantly felt like time was ticking away but I soon realized that because I had less time than I had anticipated, it made each study session wayyy more productive!

💡Let yourself change study methods!

➡️ The method you started the first week may not be the best option for the entire duration of your prep! Play around with what works for you! Is it 6 straight hours to practice mental endurance? Or is it shorter sessions with a rest break? Either is OK!!! Do whichever is best to help your brain absorb the material!

💡Be realistic with your mental productivity!

➡️ Although you may have been an evening studier in the past, try to study around your scheduled exam time so that you can train your brain and body to be prepared for the big day!

💡STOP STRESSING if your study methods aren’t identical to your peers!

➡️ I was STRESSED prepping for the exam because I didn’t seem to fit in well with any of the study tips I found online! I saw things like take 7-9 practice exams, study 8 hours / day for 6 weeks, study 6 days a week, take a prep course, study with peers… there were SO many different suggestions that JUST reading through the tips alone overwhelmed me.

Remember that YOU got to where you are now and have KILLED it along the way! Realistically, we KNOW how we study best!

Believe in yourselves guys!! Trusting that the time, dedication and effort you put into studying for this exam will all pay off is the biggest key! 💆🏻‍♀️





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